Along with being one of the oldest rafting companies still in operation in the State of Washington, there are many other things that make Orion Expeditions a unique entity within the Pacific Northwest.  Orion Expeditions is a community that is bonded through the love of rivers. The company was founded in 1978 by people who were invested in bringing people together through outdoor recreation.  Our guide training is highly unique, reinforcing the strong community of guides that make up Orion. We are a highly gender balanced company that believes both guys and gals make equally rad, and competent river guides. Our Trainers are seen as the “elders” of the Orion community; passing down experiential knowledge through the development of both hard and soft skills that are crucial for effective outdoor leadership.  If you ask any Orion guide the question “What has Orion meant to you?” They will likely have a strong sense of community pride, rich with gratitude for the soul family to which we all belong whole heartedly.

Owner (and writer) James Moore sums up Orion’s community ever so eloquently:

“When you join a river running community, you step into an ever-changing, ever-growing mythos with its long-standing pantheon of characters and their deeds. Yet there is always room for more and every new guide begins collecting and creating stories from their very first day on the job. A river running community, especially a rafting one, is a collective with shared memories, each one building on the next. All falling together, one on top of the other, like Tetris blocks. Our stories lay bare our culture. They also enhance it, fortify it, and keep it vibrant.”

-James Moore, Owner of Orion Expeditions



"This was the best crew I've ever rafted with. They were all focused on safety and fun and not acting all cool and poised. If you are on the fence jump-this company is worth it."
 -Denise, Bainbridge Island
"I've been with numerous companies on numerous rivers throughout Washington and Oregon.  I find myself going back to Orion again and again for a few simple reasons.  The guides are pleasant and capable, the rivers they float are dynamic and accessible to most people, and they just like to have a lot of good safe fun."  
 -David M, Seattle
"I went rafting with Orion four times last season (3 on Wenatchee and 1 on the Tieton) and ALWAYS had a great time. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and will adjust the trip depending on riders experience levels. I've gone with people aged 12-62 and everyone has had a wonderful time. Wetsuits, splash guards, life jackets, and aqua socks are provided. Highly recommended!!" 
-Elise D., King
"If you want a personalized experience for river rafting, with the security of going with an established company--use Orion. (Ignore the cheesy BBQ marketing from the "other" guys). This company has class. The guides are excellently trained."
-L.M., Kirkland