Minimum 8 people | 7 miles | Class II-III

Orion is now offering rafting trips followed by wine tasting at Boudreaux tasting room during the month of August. Why Boudreaux? Many reasons! Four miles off the grid up Icicle Road, Boudreaux is the only winery in Washington State that is completely self-powered. 

A little bit about Boudreaux:

"Premium wine is as much a product of the earth and sky as it is the winemaker’s skill. To make truly outstanding wine the winemaker must harmoniously blend his wine making talents, with the perfect selection of grapes, harvested at just the right time in just the right weather conditions. When it all comes together, a truly outstanding wine is the result. A wine good enough to bear the name Boudreaux Cellars." 

Afternoon wine floats meet at Enchantment Park and float down the Wenatchee River. Floats will begin at 4:00pm, depending on the day. After the float we shuttle you straight to Bourdreaux tasting room for a local tasting. After the tasting you can take a leisurely stroll along the river, or walk through town to eventually wind up back at our original Enchantment Park meeting location where vehicles were parked prior to trip departure.


Want the full experience? If you are a fan of our wine tasting day trips, stay tuned for Orion Expeditions Deschutes multi-day trips with Boudreaux coming May 2017!  

More info on this trip will be added to our website in the coming months! 


Photo by Lizzie Bridges

Photo by Lizzie Bridges