Washington State's forgotten white water rafting gem.  Located less than two hours from downtown Seattle, the Sauk river is Washington's best kept white water rafting secret.  If you want a river trip with wilderness and intermediate whitewater, choose to raft the Sauk River. The Federally-protected Wild and Scenic Sauk River is located just outside the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. 

Wild. Scenic. And only an hour and a half from downtown Seattle. Video by Steve Laboff

The Sauk River is the best kept white water and scenic river rafting trip secret in the Cascades. Tumbling out of the pristine Glacier Peak Wilderness, the clear, free-flowing Sauk River is considered by white water kayakers to have some of the finest ‘play’ waves in Washington state. The Forest Service only allows four river rafting outfitters to provide river trips on the Sauk River and Orion River Rafting is proud to say that we are one of them. Therefore, when you enjoy a Sauk River Rafting trip, you are one of only several hundred who are able to float the river for the season. And, chances are, you and your crew mates will have the whole federally designated Wild & Scenic river to yourselves.

The Wild & Scenic Sauk River, a tributary of the Skagit River, flows south to north past the lumber town of Darrington, Washington, and the massive, glacier-draped White Horse Mountain.

• June/July • class III • introductory white water • less than 2-hours from Seattle • 9 miles • 14 years+ • wild & scenic


What ELSE IS THERE TO DO IN darrington WHEN YOU'Re not on the river?

We absolutely love Mountain Loop Books & Coffee for a nice cup of joe before the river.  After the river make sure to stop by River Time Brewing to grab a cold one served up by Orion's very own Neil & Kristin. If you're looking for a place to kick back and talk about your day on the river, this is the spot. Seriously check em' out, you'll be glad you did. 


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