• 7-Day Deschutes River Rafting Guide Training - March 17th thru March 24th
  • 4-Weekend Trainings - April 14-15, April 21-22, April 28-29, May 5-6

We have trained river guides for 40 years and our instructors have over 120 years worth of river experience, from international competitions to founding companies overseas, and every year we strive to improve our program and build upon our successes. In other words, you will be the recipient of a very comprehensive training program --- 15 days to learn the entire range of skills required to be a professional river guide, or just steer your own craft on Class III-IV water.

  • River Guide Training • Rescue Techniques • Expedition Travel • Knots • Become a Professional River Guide

Our training begins on the Deschutes River in north central Oregon. Besides being an excellent way to immerse newcomers to guiding, the 7-day river trip is an excellent opportunity for our instructors to work with each student on a personal basis. The final 4 weekends follow the 7-day trip and include a variety of rivers throughout Washington's Cascades.

From the second weekend in April through the first weekend of May, we will be exploring several rivers with completely different personalities in order to give you a well-rounded perspective.

                                  Video by Cali Osborne

Orion provides all meals, dry bags, necessary river gear (life jackets, throw bags, safety lines, etc.), instructors and shelter during the Deschutes portion of the training.